Why am I Getting Two Of Everything?
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Thread: Why am I Getting Two Of Everything?

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    Why am I Getting Two Of Everything?

    I'm using Win 10 Home Pro 64. am i5 cpu, 24 gigs RAM, GeForce Vid Card 710. Gigabyte Mobo socket 1156

    When I open any window for administrative use, I get two of them. Two command prompts. Two this, two that. I don't know that any harm is being done. It's just annoying. I wonder what's happening?

    I think you guys will have some ideas.


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    Does it happen when you open them by different methods? Like double clicking a desktop icon, single clicking in listed programs, running/opening a program from command prompt, right clicking an icon and selecting open?

    What about programs that the OS automatically runs at startup?
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    When did the issue start? Aka what is the history of the issue?
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    I believe that fink is thinking that your mouse may be the issue. Try a different mouse if you have one, or try opening a program from the Start menu using just the keyboard, report back what happens.

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