Annoying Photoshop behaviour
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    Annoying Photoshop behaviour

    What ho one and all,

    I have an annoying thing happening in Photoshop CS6 / Bridge

    I import all camera raw files to a large partition, where I work on the ones I want. I also add keywords, etc.

    When done, I copy the raw files to a partition on an external hdd (for back-up and archive) and the jpg and tif to another partition on the same hdd. Or that is the intention!

    When I select the raw files that I was working on and wish to keep, then drag to the raw copy partition (or Shift and drag) both the raw AND the related jpgs are copied. Now the jpgs are not in the original working partition, and I did not select them for copying.

    What settings should I be looking to change this behaviour?

    Thanks and toodle pip

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    There may or may not be a setting for changing that behavior. If there is, you may have to dredge through the various settings to find it. Photoshop programmers may think that they are smarter than you and know what you want to do. The solution is not to drag and drop files from a Photoshop files window, but from Windows Explorer or another file manager program instead.

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