Got a Dell Latitude E7440 with a SSD. I turn it on and most time it just comes on right to the desktop. Normally the Dell logo comes up and goes away to a black screen and then the Windows 10 circle goes around for 10 seconds and then the next screen comes up and then to the desktop. Sometimes after the Dell logo comes up and goes black it will stay black. I pull the power plug from the back and instantly the computer is at its desktop. I then plug it back in and it's alright.

It's like some power issue is keeping the screen black even though the computer is in desktop mode.

Never seen anything like it. I have went to power settings and made sure that everything is in Never mode, like screen shutting down, hard drive going to sleep, no hibernation, no dimming. Everything is never instead of 10 minutes or so.

So what's up? Let's solve this mystery.