What is all this stuff?
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Thread: What is all this stuff?

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    What is all this stuff?

    What ho one and all,

    Call me paranoid but I really don't like too much 'stuff' littering my os partition.

    For example, whenever one installs a program, although there is a language option, about 25 gazillion languages are installed by default. I usually then delete them apart from English.

    In the W7 folder, C:\Windows\System32\en-US\Licenses, there are three folders (Default, eval, OEM) that have what appear to be, all the same files. Since I only have one licence for W7 Pro, can I delete any (all?) of these?

    In C:\Windows\System32, there are any number of folders with names like en-US, es-ES, hr-HR, all containking *.mui files. In many programs, these seem to be the language files so it is my guess they are for W7. If so, can I delete any that are obviously not English such as lv-LV (may be Lithuanian?)

    But the real reason for starting this thread is having just found a bunch of regtrans-ms and blt files all over the os partition. I Googled and see that they are reg editing back-up files, but don't know why I would need any other than the last couple of reg edits. Certainly two month old are not needed. Again, are these safe to delete?

    On a similar note, when running Dis Clean-up, why are these old files not removed?

    Toodle pip and thanks

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    Food for thought-> If it ain't broken - don't fix it.

    Second food for thought - One wrong file deletion can turn your pc into a boat anchor.
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    Windows REALLY doesn't like users to delete system files even if they don't seem relevant to your immediate needs. As Steve suggests I would also strongly recommend leaving them as is.

    when running Disk Clean-up, why are these old files not removed?
    See above.

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