I only have Word on this computer. Did an Update for all Microsoft products and I got some Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, One Note, Script Editor, InfoPath. And what's with this Adobe Flash Player? Isn't that gone now?

Anyhow I don't like Microsoft putting all this stuff on my computer for their own stupid reason and filling up my registry with crap I will never use. I don't need this stuff, I hardly even use Word, it's more stuff to go wrong, it's more stuff to scan for when doing a virus scan or defrag. Why is Microsoft setting me up for something I cannot use? Are they just setting themselves up on my computer for their own gain?

What's with these guys? There is no place for me to checkmark that I don't want these during an update. They should not be putting more work into my computing like: Me trying to figure out what they are doing, me trying to uninstall these things, and making me do research to see why they are doing these things.

Do I go to Microsoft and give them a shovel and rake and say that they need this, so take this even though they don't want it?

Is this a control thing?

Anyone know the real answer for this? I don't need any shared crap for my office either.