dual boot linux on a Macbook Pro?
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Thread: dual boot linux on a Macbook Pro?

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    Question dual boot linux on a Macbook Pro?

    I'm dealing with my first Mac, have plenty of experience dual booting various distributions on desktops, but I've had sporadic problems dual booting on laptops (especially from SSD's, for some reason). The typical problem is: all the formatting, partitioning, installation, etc... all appears to work perfectly, but upon reboot, never see the GRUB menu that's expected.

    Is there anything better than GRUB to manage this on a Macbook Pro (16gb ram, 256gb SSD), or can you kind folks reassure me that GRUB should work ok in my environment? I'm a little hesitant to make mistakes on the Mac, as I'm just as experienced or knowledgeable about Macs. Thanks for any specific advice. Oh, FWIW, I'm thing Linux Mint unless there's a better distro for my described needs.

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    Linux Mint should be an excellent choice. There is a boot manager for dual booting. Check out the links below:




    Note that these instructions do not work for a new M1 Mac, but should work for your MacBook Pro.

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