[RESOLVED] Getting multiple different BSODs a day, Please Help!
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Getting multiple different BSODs a day, Please Help!

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Getting multiple different BSODs a day, Please Help!

    I bought a new HP laptop that is about 3 years ago.
    It started slowing down (for a new latptop) shortly after I got it, so I did a fresh install of Win10, reloaded the video drivers from HPís site, and doubled the RAM to 8gb and itís been running better than new up until about 2 weeks ago.
    I think I got a Windows update that started the problems (I donít know for sure, but started having issues after an update and had to update the video drivers again). Iíve been receiving multiple/various BSODs every day.
    • Interrupt Exception not Handled
    • System Thread Exception not handled
    • KMODE Exception not handled
    • Page fault in non-paged area
    • System Service Exception
    • Driver IRQL not equal or less
    • Critical Structure Corruption
    • Kernal Security Check Failure
    • Attempted Execute of no-execute Memory
    • Interrupt Exception not Handled
    • System Service Exception
    • System Service Exception
    • System Thread Exception not handled

    (this is not every message, I got tired of writing them down and sometimes just let it restart)

    I googled most of these and performed the resolutions I found, but now Iím starting to repeat the errors I got before.
    This is driving me absolutely crazy!
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I was going to try a Restore, but I didnít have a restore point before this started (I know shame on me, I know better!)

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    Those look like a wide variety of memory related errors. I agree that it is most likely a Windows "update" issue.

    You may want to try "refreshing" Windows while keeping your programs and data. Note that you should still have a full backup of your files and an image backup to restore, in case of unforeseen errors.





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    Thanks jdc2000, you confirmed my plan. I was able to backup everything I had (took almost all day, due to it continuing to crash multiple times). I then reformatted my HDD and re-installed Win10 (something I've been wanting to do for awhile anyway). During the re-install process HP asked if I wanted to run a hardware and a memory diagnostic. I did. The Hardware passed, but the memory test flagged that the additional 8gb RAM that I installed about a year ago was bad. I removed it and have not had a single BSOD since. I ordered new RAM last night, I think my problems are addressed. Thanks

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