I have for years been using one of a few different DNS server configs on my win 7 system. I have switched between my ISP's (Rogers at the moment) OpenDNS and once or twice Google's. I've never found any actual speed advantage using any of them so I've mostly left it on OpenDNS just for security reasons.. they do filter some known malware sites.

I was doing some early Sunday morning reading and found a suggestion to try Cloudflare's DNS servers so I set that up and holy doodle ! it made a very noticeable difference on page loading time. In fact there are two sites I visit regularly that were always very slow to load and now they appear as quickly as any other site I visit.

Worth a try if you have a few minutes to change your DNS settings. It's not difficult and you can always just go back to your ISP's default pretty quickly if you don't like it.

I reconfigured my Windows OS network settings rather than my modem/router which I'm obliged to rent from my ISP because of my IPTV package.


Site I read initially with the suggestion:


Site I read with the instructions: (appropriate for Win 7 as well)