I receive e-mails from an organization that uses Constant Contact for distributing their e-mails and tracking responses. When I click on any link in these e-mails (typically, to a YouTube video), uBlock Origin stops the page from loading, saying “ . . . the following filter: r20.rs6.net found in Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list.”

The e-mail shows the link as https://youtu.be/k1Ft2JyqUXx, but the URL actually coded is like the following:

I objected to this in an e-mail to the organization’s marketing director, who wrote “. . . it does track certain actions of our contacts to help us manage our engagement including: Open Rates, Click Through Rates, and Bounce Rates. It also tracks mobile vs desktop opens. All of which gives us a better understanding of how our messages and content are connecting with our supporters. And that's it. We do not receive any type of ad revenue from the clicks nor does Constant Contact. And as ____ noted, neither we nor Constant Contact share information about our patrons.”

Did I overreact when I objected to the underlying link to r20.rs6.net as an invasion of privacy and a sharing of my information with outside entities? Is it simply doing what the marketing director says, tracking their patrons responses solely for the use of their organization? Or does the use of r20.rs6.net imply the potential for abuse of privacy?