What ho one and all,

A neighbour has 'up-graded' his computer to an Apple (silly boy!) and very kindly offered us his old, 'all in one' HP (W8.1) with a bigger screen.

I cannot use it as I need more hdd space for photo editing, so am setting it up for my wife to up-grade from her XP based Dell.

It has come with what I can only describe as a pile of HP (and other) 'c**p' installed. How can I uninstall all this rubbish?

What I would like is a clean install, with no HP (and other) junk but that is probably not possible. On the other hand, I do have a W7 disk so could format the hdd and start again. Is this a reasonable idea or not?

If I were to do that, I would make an image of the W8.1 os to an external hdd (AOMEI backupper) and trust that I can restore from a USB external drive should it be necessary. is this a reasonable idea or not?