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    What ho one and all,

    Trying to understand the screen resolution on the W7 install I am putting together on a new hdd.

    With the old hdd, I have XP installed and a basic Raedon X1300/X1550 gpu. The resolution option is as the attached jpg, and I can mover the slider up or down.

    The W7 install does not 'see' the gpu (too old?) so resolution is under the gpu function of Intel chip.

    Under the resolution option, it is set to recommended (small) with only two options, Medium (124%) or Large. Small gives everything almost too small to comfortably read, Medium is better but larger than I want/like.

    Would a newer gpu that is recognised by W7 give me the option to adjust the resolution to a size that is around 110 / 115%?

    If so, what is a good but budget card. The only need for a gp is for Photoshop rendering, but none of my images are very complex with multiple layers.

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    Thanks and toodle pip

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    Funny! I knew it was AMD straight away. Catalyst Control Center and decrease the overscan option. Should do it.
    Or check out the 1050 Ti's 4 gb or a 1060.

    They suck but for budget can do in a pinch.
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