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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Photoshop challenge

    What ho one and all,

    From my recent past threads, yo may know that I am attempting to 'up grade' to W7 from XP and it is proving challenging.

    XP only uses 3 gb of RAM but I have upgraded to 8gb and W7 does see it. As it is an old(er) computer and I never needed a high power GPU, I have a Raedon X1300/X1550 card.

    With XP, Photoshop CS3 uses the GPU for acceleration and my main plug-in, Nik Collection works well. On the XP system, I also have CD6 installed, and that also works well, although in the PS properties, the GPU is not 'seen.'

    With W7, CS6 properties does not 'recognise' the GPU although I can check the ox to use whatever GPU.

    However, the same Nik Collection, installed into W7, is either incredibly slow or most likely, crashes itself and locks CS6.

    I have uninstalled, and reinstalled but it is still the same; in fact, I would say the my Nik Collection software is virtually useless with W7. (Which convinces me that XP is sooo much better! And if all this is an issue with W7, cannot ever see myself going with W10)

    Does anyone have an idea how to get Nik running sweetly in W& / CS6?

    Thanks and toodle pip

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    Not sure what I have 'done' but all appears to be working now.

    The GPU is not supported by CS6 so both CS6 and Nik Collection are using the processor built-in GPU. That is fine as it does not make a big differnce if the image rendering takes a few more seconds.

    Having installed and reinstalled too many times, I finally searched for every reference to Nik / DoX and deleted them, even within the registry. Reinstalled and now the plug-in is working as well as it does on XP.

    Happy Bunny!

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