And so to the next question!!!!!

To create my new W7 installation, I swap out Disk 0 from XP to the new one. I have two other hdd installed, so files that I want to read regarding the install, I copy to another partition, in XP to W7, they are doc files.

To ask questions here, I have 'Print Screen' and saved some W7 images as jog / bmp / gif on the same partition as I post to this forum via XP 9at the moment.

Also, to import my Firefox bookmarks from XP to W& / Edge, I saved the file as bookmarks.html.

However, with W7 / Edge, bookmark import shows nothing; no html file, zilch.

The doc files created with XP (32bit) are not even listed in the same partition with W7 (64 bit); likewise, the image files to post here, created with W7 (64 bit) are not listed with XP.

But I have a lot of photos on different partitions, all created with XP and Photoshop. I have install PS onto the W7 disk, and they are all visible.

My question is, are 32 bit files readable or not with 64 bit os, and visa-versa?