Again, what ho one and all,

With my current XP installation, the screen resolution is the default setting of 1680 x 1050 and all looks fine. The taskbar is a good size, icons, Desktop iCalender Lite is good, and all program menu fonts a small but easy to read.

With W7, I have the same resolution (default) but many things are different. The taskbar is either too small or too large but certainly not like XP. And in XP I like the fact that open programs on the taskbar have their name rather than an icon only. Program buttons and menu fonts are very small (albeit sharp) and close to unreadable. Desktop iCalender is proving impossible to set up in a position that I can read everything, even with the same location (x / y) coordinates as XP.

I have tried different resolutions but they are just c**p and obviously not right. Is there some difference between XP and W7 screen resolution settings or is there a reg hack or something else that I can do.