I purchased a Yamaha A/V model TSR-700 recently & being a dummy, when it comes to audio systems, I have a couple of questions.
I have this old subwoofer: Samsung PS-WX50 of which is a passive sub. Before trying to hook it up to the sub terminals on the RX, i decided to test the RX to see first if there was any sound coming from the terminals. I did this by hooking up a speaker, then listening as it went through the sound tones. BTW, I only have 5 spkrs for the system. The tone test work fine on all the spkrs, but no sound from the woofer terminal. (now what?)
AS for the passive sub, can I test it by just hooking it up to an audio source like testing a speaker? And if it works, would it work for the RX without an amp. Needless to say, this A/V stuff is out of my league & would appreciate any help if possible.
Thanks & HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL.........