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    Reduce file size

    Compliments of the season one and all,

    I have an mkv file of around 6 gb and would like to burn to a DVD, so need to reduce to around 4.6 gb.

    I have tried both Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter. After 30 mins run-time, both register 0% progress. And yet, the 6 gb file plays on either MPC or VLC. So I know the file is OK.

    What would be preventing the file being reduced in size and is there a way around it?

    Toodle pip and thanks


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    When you try running the conversion, do you see any activity indicated on the hard drive (drive light is on/flickers)? What about CPU usage in Task Manager? If no activity is seen, then they are probably not doing anything. How ancient is the computer you are trying to do this on?

    Other possible methods:,3.

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    You have to use DL DVD or split the file into two smaller files.

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