How to copy a DOS hard drive to another
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Thread: How to copy a DOS hard drive to another

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    How to copy a DOS hard drive to another

    Hey guys, I need to backup a DOS hard drive. The computer only has one RS 232 port. I've read about a command called XCopy but, I don't know how to hook another drive to this old PC to copy the files? I need a for dummies guide here.

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    OUCH.... Do you have another really pc that has space to let you move the current drive to it?
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    You would probably not want to try using an RS-232 port to transfer files unless it was absolutely the only way you could do it.

    More information would be helpful in suggesting options. Is the computer that this drive is in a standard model from a regular OEM computer maker (current or out of business)? If yes, post the make and model of the computer so we can check the specs on it. Otherwise, post the make and model of the hard drive itself so we can determine what interface it uses. Then we can decide how to connect it to another computer so you can copy the files.

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