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Thread: screen resolutution problems

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    I think it's on the setting option if you want to change the screen resolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdc2000 View Post
    How to prevent automatic driver updates in Windows 8:
    problem solved
    after another S.M. screen at start up, and founding a monitor problem on the Lenovo solution center test, I checked all the monitor plugs, and there you go, tighitening one on the monitor it took the screen back to normal. Probably I tried the same the other day, when I did also a W.update, mistakenly thinking it was the latter to fix the problem. The real problem is that the plug screw it cant properly tight around the outlet, so I got to let it loose.
    Thanks to all

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    Most screen resolution issues come down to one of the following causes:
    Settings arenít optimized or have been changed
    Installing a new monitor
    Windows Update problems
    Driver issues
    App-specific issues
    Hardware problem (monitor, graphics card)
    Before diving into your display settings, letís take a look at Windows Update issues. If your screen-resolution problems didnít begin until right after installing a Windows Update, the issue is normally caused by an update changing your display settings or changing your display/graphics driver.

    I hope this helps!
    Ben Martin

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