What ho one and all,

I fully expect to get shot down in flames for this question. but ...........

I have an injector timing issue with my car and need to reprogram the injectors. The normal way is to use a laptop connected to the car OBD socket, etc. That's not issue. Last time I used a laptop, it was my Thinkpad T20 with W2k installed.

Unfortunately, the new OBD code reader needs XP or greater. For the past 15 years I have been using my legit XP Pro on my desktop computer and have now 'upgraded' the T20 with the install disks. Seems to be OK but of course, I am being asked to register my install and of course, neither the internet or phone contact for XP work any longer. I don't need to connect this laptop to the internet, there is no reason to do so.

Is there a work-around so that XP will not lock me out at the end of the 'trial' period in 30 days time?

Thanks and toodle pip