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Thread: Setting background color in html

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    Setting background color in html

    I have a table I want to put on a black background but when I try, the black floods the table as well.

    How do I state the background without including the table?

    Thanks - rev

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    I'm guessing you'd just have to set the table background color.

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    Midkynte is correct. The table will automatically use the page background color, so you will have to manually tell the table what color you want. Now why you'd want a black background I do not know, but that should clear it up for you.

    Add the attribute bgcolor to the table tag. Remember not to use color words like "Black" or "Blue" as they will render different for each end user. Instead use "FFFFFF" for white or "000000" for black as an example.


    Good way to choose your color and get the code for it.

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