I cannot find the proper area to post this...
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Thread: I cannot find the proper area to post this...

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    I cannot find the proper area to post this...

    ..so I'm posting it here. Please move to right area if needed. That said, if anyone knows anything about wordpress, I need help. I just updated my twenty ten theme, and since I do not have a child theme, all the changes to it were lost. Now, I know how to change most back via CSS, but I removed the header photo years ago, and even when I updated twenty ten, it was invisible. Now there is a huge blank space without a photo and I'm hoping someone will know how to get rid of it. I guess the new update did that. It used to be completely gone so you just saw the sight title and description. You can view it here...


    The huge blank space below the title and above the menu bar.

    Thank you in advance.
    I have two laptops:

    #1 2016 HP 15.6" Premium High Performance Laptop PC, AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD+/-RW, Webcam, WIFI, HDMI, UbuntuMate 18.04

    #2 2019 HP Premium 15.6" HD Laptop, AMD A6 Dual-Core 2.6 GHz, 4GB|8GB|16GB RAM, 1TB|2TB HDD, 128GB|256GB|512GB|1TB SSD, WiFi Bluetooth HD Webcam 3-in-1 SD Reader HDMI, Windows 10,

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    I moved your thread.

    You might want to Also post your question on our EX Sister Site:

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