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    Web Design question

    Hello I have an interest in web design but I don't know how to get involved. I did a google search but can't seem to filter out what I want.

    It came to mind after my we had a taster of it in Art when someone came in to show us. They said that I was quite good and that I was capable of designing websites for comapnies, not big ones, but just some randoms.

    Yeah, so anyone with an interest or is knowledgable in this subject or even just know anything at all, could they help me get started. It would be great if someone who is designing for companies could give me advice on how they started.

    Sidenote, I really do want to design websites for little companies.

    Thank you and please can you help!

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    There are 2 main parts to web site design - what the site will look like, and the code behind it to make it function. Beyond that, it will depend on what you want the site to do. A simple information site is relatively easy to create. An e-commerce site or a site where users must log in to access functionality is much more involved, and these days requires a lot more security since you don't want user data being stolen.


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    There are a lot of tutorials for the designers in the YouTube. As now all world in the quarantine there are a lot of free workshops and guides. However, it is better to practice, so you will learn everything faster so register on the "Freelance Websites" and take small projects from there. You will earn not so much however will gain new skills.
    Good luck!

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