Searching for missing folders in Outlook 2010
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Thread: Searching for missing folders in Outlook 2010

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    Searching for missing folders in Outlook 2010

    Hi all . . . I opened my Outlook folder today labeled "Financial," and to my shock it only had 2 sub-folders instead of the dozen that were there. I of course have no idea what happened to them. The sub-folder I need right now is <bank name> Online, and the lost (?) emails with the same thing for "From." I've tried the CTL-Shift-P and CTL-E commands, but I cannot locate the items I need.


    UPDATE: OK, it's operator error, my bad .... but I don't know how to fix it.

    Top-level folder: "FINANCIAL" > Sub folder (Credit union name) > "FINANCIAL" ---> and then the missing folders for other banks are now parked here, one of which is a folder for the same credit union listed right under the top-level "FINANCIAL" folder. I was chicken to try moving things as I cannot afford to lose the misplaced folders and their contents.

    Thanks in advance
    - David G.
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    If these folders are part of your local .pst file holding your email, you can exit Outlook, COPY the .pst file(s) to a backup location, then restart Outlook and you should be able to drag/move the folders where you want them. Or, you can create new folders and move/copy the contents.

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    Try this
    Find the folder name by searching for the mail item and looking at its properties
    Select the Go menu, choose Folders at the bottom
    In the window that appears, find the folder in the drop-down box
    Press Ok and Outlook should open to that folder

    I hope this helps!
    Ben Martin

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