Still having problems copying files
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Thread: Still having problems copying files

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    Still having problems copying files

    I don't get 'the semaphore timeout period has been exceeded' anymore, I don't get any error message. Copying just quickly slows to 0 bytes and stays there. Cancelling doesn't always trigger a rollback, then Disk Management and other disk utils won't load because the copy operation hasn't properly cancelled.

    This means I'm getting nothing done! I converted the disk to GPT, it's been formatted 3 ways from Sunday and surface tests find nothing.

    What now?

    Thanks - rev

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    More details might be helpful.
    How many files are you trying to copy at a time?
    What is the size of the files being copied?
    Can you copy even one file at a time?

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    Are you talking about this thread? Did you remove and reinstall the USB controllers?

    I don't think converting to GPT would help.

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