McAfee warning.. is it malware? or system check?
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Thread: McAfee warning.. is it malware? or system check?

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    McAfee warning.. is it malware? or system check?

    We do NOT use McAfee on one of our Laptops ( win 10) .. But this one laptop get a warning that Mcafee is not detected please buy ..
    We don't need it or want it.. thought it was malware but a fix me stick check says it is clean ..

    Plus there is NO McAfee in the program vault ...

    i'm sure it is a 'setting' that has to be checked or unchecked but can't locate the area ..
    I 'found it once' before but had to roll my 2004 back to previous version and lost this setting..
    can't remember where it was located .

    Ideas ?
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    Windows 10 //1909 (OS Build 64bit /// Firefox ESR 76.0.1 - 64 bit // 16GB Memory/ AMD Radeon HD 7700 series Video Card//N68C-GS FX2.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core /[/B]

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    Where and when does the warning pop up? Can you take a screenshot of it? When the warning appears have a look in task manager and see what info it gives on it.. in processes.

    In any case first thing I'd do is run Malwarebytes in case it is malware disguising itself as McAfee although it could be pre-installed bloatware that came with the laptop when it was bought.
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    Does this only happen when you have one or more web browser windows open? If yes, then it may be coming from a web site. If not, then there is probably a potentially unwanted program on that computer.

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    Maybe it helps you:
    How to verify that your McAfee software features are working
    Right-click on the M-shield icon next to the clock. If the McAfee icon is not visible, click the show more icons button.
    Click Check for updates.
    Wait for the update to complete. A message lets you know that you are up to date.

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