I'm copying a bunch of movies from place to place. At first I had problems with permissions on my own disks but I got that sorted out. This time 'the semaphore thing times out' on about every 10th movie. This error is supposed to occur when the the system can't read from the source but there's nothing wrong with the source.

One of the problems this causes is I can't let it run at night, it will stop at the next error and because I have terabytes of stuff to move back and forth (into smaller partitions so that my TV can see the drives) it means I've got to sit here for the whole length of the job - which is days!

I'm copying movies from disk to disk but "the semaphore timeout period has expired" fixes are all about networking. Can I bypass the semaphore thing? Is the error true? It might be the best the system has to describe a different error.

Thanks - rev