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    WIFI Router Recommendations

    I think its time to update my wifi system at home. I currently have a 10 year old Linksys Wireless G Band Router (802.11g), model WRT54GL, which I am sure is outdated for all of our wireless needs. My house is small, 1500 ft, with 2 floors. We may be running 5 devices at once on wifi. Im sure my old 2.4GHz router is outdated. I use an older HP P6230F pc (AMD Phenom IIX4 810 Processer 2.6GHz) running Windows 10 Home. Any suggestions are surely appreciated.

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    What price range were you looking at? How is your current coverage with your existing wireless router? Any dead zones? It doesn't sound like you are currently requiring any special feature, so a basic system should work OK for your needs.

    These days you have a choice between a single router located where it can cover the entire house or a mesh router system if you have dead zones currently.

    Possibly useful links to get you started:




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    Go for GL.iNet GL-AR300M Mini VPN Travel Router, Wi-Fi Converter

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