[RESOLVED] ISP Email account cannot be added to Outlook
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Thread: [RESOLVED] ISP Email account cannot be added to Outlook

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] ISP Email account cannot be added to Outlook

    I am using Outlook 2016 on a desktop using Windows 10. Outlook was recently updated (yesterday) with no apparent issues. To be clear I have 3 local ISP emails ending in @ftc-i.net. The two I use are working fine in Outlook. Until 5 days ago my wife's was working fine as well. I have been using this setup for several years without issue. Initially there was a send/receive error saying it could not connect to the incoming server. My other 2 accounts had no problem with the same server.

    When my wife's email stopped working I went to the Local ISP Webmail site and verified that all the emails were making it through. So the issue is not the ISP server. When I called the ISP tech support they started messing with the settings and could not get it to work (I've even checked the settings on my accounts and used the same ones to try to set up my wife's with no luck). After several tries and logging in remotely, they couldn't figure it out and decided to delete the account and start over.

    They were not able to set up the account and now get an error message that says the Outlook file could not be created. I've spent hours on the phone and they finally gave up and offered to get me someone for $49.95.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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