What is best way to get website seen?
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Thread: What is best way to get website seen?

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    What is best way to get website seen?

    I want to spread the word (locally, here) about our sports related website. What is the best practices? thanks, Kevin www.paddleup.org
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    SEO... Search Engine Optimization.

    A starter's description here..


    So for example you'd want, at the very least, to have the word "Pickleball" in your post above so search engines like google will see it and add it to their list of stored searches. Just having the website address with nothing to relate it to kind of wastes having google see it since there are no cross references.

    There are also services that help you do it but you have to pay for the better ones.

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    Start with it and also get acquainted with these apps: Ahrefs, Kparser, Majestic, SimilarWeb and Sitechecker.
    I hope it will help you. Good luck

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