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    UPDATE: I've continued working on my notebook to narrow down the problem...still the same issues. I tried a new power adapter...tested the CMOS battery (coin battery CR2032), and it was completely drained, so I replaced it, but that didn't change anything. It still has the black screen at start-up, and re-boots after 30 seconds...unless I tap F10...it will then stay fully running until I shut it off, but black screen, no way to access or see BIOS, menus, etc. External monitor does not work either. I have been testing all the hardware, and do notice that the small led light beside the SD card slot that normally indicates that a card is inserted always stays on. The fact that all of this started EXACTLY AFTER a Windows 7 update, still makes me think that the update could be the cause. Any other ideas? Thank you.

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    A Windows Update would not prevent you from seeing the BIOS screen or the startup screen.

    All indications are that you have a hardware failure, possibly either the screen, or, more likely, the video adapter.

    I assume that you did try the key sequence needed to activate an external monitor when you had it connected.

    You probably have 2 choices:
    1. Replace parts until it is working again. This might cost more than a new laptop.
    2. Remove the hard drive, recover any files needed, and send any remaining unneeded parts to the electronics recycler.

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