configuring system center configuration manager to deploy win10
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Thread: configuring system center configuration manager to deploy win10

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    Question configuring system center configuration manager to deploy win10

    I am not sure if this is the best place to post my question but here goes. The issue I have is the I have been using Novell Zenworks control center, Zenworks imaging and ENGL toolkit to deploy win 7 for many years successfully. Now they want me to deploy win10 and it's just not working properly. after over a month with tech support from Expert Networking Group it was determined that Zen needs some work and a major update to successfully try again to push out win10. In this time management has decided they want to move away from Novell and use system center. I have System center on server2016 now installed clean but no one here has a clue how to get started with actually using it.

    can I deploy full images with software preinstalled with it? I have several labs that use large combinations of engineering and design software packages

    Are there any tutorials out there that I can use to get me started with how to set it all up? everything I am finding on the web us assuming that you worked with other versions of windows in SCCM or have used SCCM before and have some experience with it that I have none of yet.

    thanks in advance

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