I got the entire computer network from a doctor's office and am deleting all information from them with a final DOD wipe so the XP OS is correct for the COA sticker. I have one Server 2003 which is what I'm talking about here.

I have deleted the doctor's user however his full name shows up in the Regestered To.

I know how to delete this but I'm concerned that I will ruin the "legitimacy" of the OS install which was properly done with correct COA stickers. The whole point of cleaning them is that the OS is correct and genuine. NOTE: I would probably replace his name with "MSIuser" since all the PC's have MSI mobos

I do not have the install CD's but I suspect the outfit that built these custom PC's did a network install.

The other network PC's are Windows XP so I'm selling off as a Vintage/Legacy PC.