I just paid 3 months ago extra to get 50 mbs of internet speed (download). The internet on my computer has been sluggish and slow. So I called the provider RCN to complain. The tech told me my wi-fi was going in and out. I told him I thought I needed a new router & modem, since this was 4 years old. He sort of agreed, but wanted to sell me more speed. I said nope, I want to buy buy a new router & modem. He said I needed a 24 channel download modem, by Arris or Netgear. Whatever.
Anywho, I tested the speed this a.m. and it reads: download 23.8 and upload 10.5. I'm paying for 50 download, so that tells me it's slow. Need your opinion -- 1) should I get a 24 channel modem; or should I get a wifi booster?