Windows 7 boots only to the Windows Screen. Boots ok in safe mode.
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Thread: Windows 7 boots only to the Windows Screen. Boots ok in safe mode.

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    Question Windows 7 boots only to the Windows Screen. Boots ok in safe mode.

    I have a dual-boot laptop, which I've had since 2015. I boot between Windows 7 and Linux Mint 17.

    The Linux side boots fine, without any issues. However, when I try to boot to Windows, the Windows Screen loads, with the red, green, blue, yellow little logo...and stops. It goes no further than this. I get nothing else, not even the "black screen of death," no mouse movement, just the rgby logo, and that's it.

    I must then power off, and can only use safe mode; I can use "with networking," to get on the web, it. "Last known good command" won't work. Apparently, when I thought I'd set up system restore, including having a 3rd party software do so, they neither works.

    I tried using the install flash drive I had for the OS, and tried to repair, with no luck. I even attempted the memory diagnostic (blue screen) to see if it could solve the issue, but to no avail.

    I should note that the laptop suffers from periodic overheating, and has simply shutdown, in a few spots. Initially, it was only in Windows, but now, even in Linux. Is this just another sign that the laptop is on it's "last legs?"

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    If Windows boots OK into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, but not into Normal Mode, then there is likely something failing to load properly in Normal Mode. Check Event Viewer (in one of the Safe modes) to see if there is any indication there as to what is failing to load.

    The overheating could be due to dust buildup inside, and/or a failed fan. Post the make and model of the laptop. You may be able to use some "canned air" to clean out the dust buildup.

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    I would also run a hard drive diag. See the UBCD5 link in my signature. HD diag info is on post#4.

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