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    Downloading form the BBC

    What ho one and all,

    Want to download a TV series (8 episodes) from the BBC. I am a license payer! Installed the download / save program from the BBC and set the save folder location.

    If I go to the BBC / iPlayer / program site, sign in and select Download, I am asked if I have the iPlayer download program installed. I have, an as nothing is happening, I start it. The program now asks to start a browser. Firefox is already running, otherwise I could not be on the iPlayer site, but I start it again. Now I have two BBC / iplayer tabs open and this is where it gets weird.

    Hit the Download link again, and wow!!!!!!! Within about one second, I have dozens and dozens of tabs opening, faster than I can close them. Non stop, it just keeps going and going. The only way to stop is with Cnt / Alt / Del to close FF.

    Start again, and for some reason, the iPlayer program is still running (it was not showing in Cnt/Alt/Del); as soon as FF is up and running, all the empty tabs start opening again. By the time I have again Cnt / Alt / Del to stop it, there are probably around 40 tabs across the top of FF.

    Any idea what is going on? I have now uninstalled the program. Running W7 / 64 bit, but that should make any difference.

    Thanks and toodle pip


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    What happens if you try a different web browser?

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    I don't know about the tabs, but we can't D/L or watch Brit TV and certain videos here. You would have to get a VPN that says you're in the UK ;-)

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