Restore multiple PST files?
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Thread: Restore multiple PST files?

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    Restore multiple PST files?

    Hi all,

    I reinstalled Outlook 2010 in January. I did not import any existing PST files, but would like to do so now. I have done this before, but only with one existing PST file. Is it possible to import multiple .PST backups to one install of Outlook (2010)? When I googled this, there were no results for this exact question. Thanks in advance . . .

    David G.
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    You should be able to restore the files to a temporary location (not the usual Outlook location for .pst files, since you don't want to overwrite any existing .pst files), then rename them (Outlook1.pst, Outlook2.pst, etc.), and copy them to the proper file location and attach them.

    As always, backup your existing .pst files first, just in case.

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