I played some Left 4 Dead this weekend with a friend. We often play games together, and usually my ping in other games we've played is under 80. This weekend, my pings were about 210. We switched and I hosted, and HE had pings at around 210.

I tried rebooting my computer, the ping issue with the game persisted. After we were done gaming, I unplugged the router for ten minutes, but don't know how it helped, if at all.

I've noticed over the past several days that my surfing has been a little off. Sometimes I'll go to a website I often go to, and the site won't load. It will take a few tries, or I'll just give up and try later. That hasn't happened before.

I'd like to test my connection. Other that running the usual speedtests, I don't really know much about that, and I don't think they are necessarily what I need here. How might I more thoroughly test my connection to see if there are issues? I don't want to wait until next weekend and had another crappy game night.

Thanks for your advice.

Win10 Pro
GTX 960 4GB video card
other stuff

I have a fiber connection through my local utility company. I'm suppose to have 20 up/20 down, but I think I have more than that on the down side, anyway. Seems rather variable to me.