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    AntiX videos and Fun Stuff

    dolphin_oracle [d_o] has a lot of videos to help folks with learning what to do with AntiX and MX Linux.
    The older videos can give you a lot of help with the newer versions.

    From how to make a bootable "making a live usb from windows" video at:

    and a demo of how low a spec a machine install at:

    How to pronounce AntiX from the man himself.
    I'll chime in on the name.

    1. As posted by masinick, yes, sounds like antics - fun, frivolous.

    2. Also it can sound like antiques (if you put on a Greekish accent) ie for old boxes.

    3. As also mentioned above, yes anti X ie against X in a very, very general sense. ie all the bloat that comes with an X desktop, with X being kde, gnome etc.

    4. Finally and simply, it is anticapitalista's X distro. anticapitalista got shortened by masinick and others to anti many moons ago so it becomes anti'sX. But you have to remove the 's otherwise it sounds like the moral majority (sic) anti sex campaign.

    Now mate has an area in its wiki for the pronunciations (ma-tay).

    Installing AntiX 13.2 - Fresh Install from iso
    MX - Installing MX-14
    AntiX 13 - Browsing and Mounting Samba/Windows shares with SpaceFM
    AntiX 13 - The File Managers Part 2 - SpaceFM

    AntiX-15 videos

    Installing antiX 15

    antiX 15 - What's New!

    antiX 15 – Personal Menu & Menu Manager

    antiX 15 - Streamlight - Stream Video on Low Powered Hardware

    antiX 15 - Top 5 annoyances (and fixes!)

    antiX 15 - desktop session

    new app for antiX 15 by samk! a remote desktop/access/assistance/support app.


    here's a video

    antiX 15 - Find and Mount Network Shares

    antiX 16.1 (plus install)

    antiX 16 - UEFI install (with partitioning)

    How to install and configure Printer and Scanner on antiX-16. I think, it will be useful for a lot of users.
    Currently I have found only this video: (I do not understand Deutsch language)

    Now for the fun part for me:
    Build a Custom antiX-mate install, Part I - Install the net iso.
    There are 5 parts starting at
    To get the antiX alpha 2 net images 'stretch' .ISO
    Background to that .iso
    MX - MX Linux relies on the excellent upstream work by Linux and the open-source community, deploying Xfce4 as Desktop Environment on top of a Debian Stable base. We draw from the core antiX system and and include work and ideas used by Warren Woodford for his MEPIS project. Ongoing backports and outside additions to our Repos serve to keep components current with developments.

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    The fun part read out. Got it done and like it too.

    $ inxi -F
    System:    Host: antix17a2 Kernel: 4.9.6-antix-sid.1-amd64-smp x86_64 (64 bit)
               Desktop: MATE 1.16.1
               Distro: antiX-17.a2_x64-net keerfa 9 February 2017
    Machine:   Device: desktop System: Hewlett-Packard product: HP Compaq 6000 Pro SFF PC
               Mobo: Hewlett-Packard model: 3048h
               BIOS: Hewlett-Packard v: 786G2 v01.09 date: 08/25/2009
    CPU:       Dual core Intel Core2 Duo E8400 (-MCP-) cache: 6144 KB 
               clock speeds: max: 3000 MHz 1: 1998 MHz 2: 1998 MHz
    Graphics:  Card: Intel 4 Series Integrated Graphics Controller
               Display Server: X.Org 1.19.1 drivers: modesetting (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
               Resolution: 1920x1080@60.00hz
               GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Q45/Q43 GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 13.0.4
    Audio:     Card Intel 82801JD/DO (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller
               driver: snd_hda_intel
               Sound: ALSA v: k4.9.6-antix-sid.1-amd64-smp
    Network:   Card-1: Intel 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection driver: e1000e
               IF: eth2 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full
               mac: 00:0f:fe:fb:c0:66
               Card-2: Broadcom Limited NetXtreme BCM5761 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe
               driver: tg3
               IF: eth3 state: down mac: 00:10:18:61:22:bd
    Drives:    HDD Total Size: 120.0GB (6.8% used)
               ID-1: /dev/sda model: SanDisk_SDSSDA12 size: 120.0GB
    Partition: ID-1: / size: 106G used: 3.4G (4%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sda1
               ID-2: swap-1 size: 4.69GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap dev: /dev/sda2
    Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 38.0C mobo: N/A
               Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: N/A
    Info:      Processes: 150 Uptime: 2 min Memory: 476.4/1949.7MB
               Client: Shell (bash) inxi: 2.3.8

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    Playing around with antiX-stretch a3 available
    Using a bootable USB stiuck

    $ inxi -Fxz
    System:    Host: antix1 Kernel: 4.10.5-antix.1-486-smp i686 (32 bit gcc: 6.3.0)
               Desktop: IceWM 1.3.12+mod+20170325.1
               Distro: antiX-17.a3_386-full keerfa 22 April 2017
    Machine:   Device: laptop System: Dell product: Latitude E6430 v: 01
               Mobo: Dell model: 0H3MT5 v: A00 BIOS: Dell v: A17 date: 08/19/2015
    Battery    BAT0: charge: 90.0 Wh 127.2% condition: 70.8/90.0 Wh (79%)
               model: LGC-LGC3.0 DELL J7KGM29 status: Full
    CPU:       Dual core Intel Core i5-3320M (-HT-MCP-) cache: 3072 KB
               flags: (lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx) bmips: 10366
               clock speeds: max: 3300 MHz 1: 1625 MHz 2: 1774 MHz 3: 1663 MHz 4: 1324 MHz
    Graphics:  Card-1: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller bus-ID: 00:02.0
               Card-2: NVIDIA GF108GLM [NVS 5200M] bus-ID: 01:00.0
               Display Server: X.Org 1.19.2 drivers: modesetting,nouveau (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
               Resolution: 1600x900@59.99hz
               GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Ivybridge Mobile x86/MMX/SSE2
               GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 13.0.6 Direct Rendering: Yes
    Audio:     Card Intel 7 Series/C216 Family High Definition Audio Controller
               driver: snd_hda_intel bus-ID: 00:1b.0
               Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: k4.10.5-antix.1-486-smp
    Network:   Card-1: Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection
               driver: e1000e v: 3.2.6-k port: f060 bus-ID: 00:19.0
               IF: eth0 state: down mac: <filter>
               Card-2: Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 driver: iwlwifi bus-ID: 03:00.0
               IF: wlan0 state: up mac: <filter>
    Drives:    HDD Total Size: 151.5GB (3.0% used)
               ID-1: /dev/sda model: SanDisk_SDSSDA12 size: 120.0GB
               ID-2: USB /dev/sdb model: Cruzer_Glide size: 31.5GB
    Partition: ID-1: / size: 2.5G used: 1.1G (41%) fs: overlay dev: N/A
               ID-2: /home size: 3.8G used: 54M (2%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/loop1
               ID-3: swap-1 size: 4.69GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap dev: /dev/sda2
    Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 53.0C mobo: N/A gpu: 49.0
               Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: N/A
    Info:      Processes: 168 Uptime: 5 min Memory: 305.4/3215.8MB
               Init: SysVinit runlevel: 5 Gcc sys: 6.3.0
               Client: Shell (bash 4.4.121) inxi: 2.3.8

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