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    PDF file size

    What ho one and all,

    If I download a singe A4 page, pdf file from the internet, it is usually only a a few tens of kb in size, but that quality looks good, even when I click full screen width.

    But if I scan a single A4 page as a pdf, at 300dpi, the file size is large, usually a few hundred kb. If I want to e-mail that file, it is better than it is less than 100kb, but how to do it? Reduce the dpi does not make a major difference to the file size but the quality becomes c**p.

    How do I scan to pdf, good quality but small file size?

    Toodle pip and thanks

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    note the color depth bit.

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    When you download most .pdf files from a web site, they were generally created from a text document with formatting, with maybe a few images embedded, so the quality is excellent. When you scan a page into a .pdf file that is generally as a page-sized image, and you get whatever image quality your scanner is set to produce. You also get a much larger .pdf file size.

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