Need new Router - Current Belkin probably crapped out.
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Thread: Need new Router - Current Belkin probably crapped out.

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    Need new Router - Current Belkin probably crapped out.

    See this thread for a bit more info -

    Can anyone recommend a Router in the roughly $50 to $75 range. My old Belkin 450 had Wi-Fi, and while I don't necessarily need that, most routers today have it as a feature.

    I can get a Belkin 600 for about $60.

    But my current Router lasted me only 4 years nearly to the day. I would hope the next one would last longer.

    Any suggestions for good Routers in that price range? Are some more reliable than others?

    I have one LAN line from my computer to the Router which are a couple of feet apart. The other LAN Line goes to my Roku box for Netflix streaming.

    I have a new BluRay (Sony 5500, $52 on sale at Walmart) that has wireless Networking as well as wired. I'm not sure if should use the wireless aspect or to use the Roku cable. The BluRay is within site of the Router, about 25 feet straight line distance. So, I don't need a super wireless router.

    The problems with accessing Netflix through the BluRay is that the disc is spinning even though I'm not using it.

    So, all that chatter aside, I'm open to recommendations for New Routers in the $50 to $75 price range.


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