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    Win 7 updates problem"

    I need to instll Win7x64 to a new hard drive of a computer as the old HD failed. Installation of Windows and the drivers from Intel (motherboard DH55T) are successful. I then installed Windows updates and restart computer several times. I then installed Norton Internet Security, LG Burning Tool (come with DVD-RW), a Canon printer driver, all good. I have an old HP Laserjet 4P, driver of which is in Win updates. I then noticed the updates are actually fully completed as the Win7 SP1 is not yet seen in computer properties. I then did the update again, SP1 was installed.

    I then keep on running the "Check Updates" but it takes veryyyy long time without giving me a list of outstanding updates. I then down and run the MS Readiness tool, same result, just rolling and rolling. I check update history and found the followings:

    The Win7 SP1 was installed failed once, then success in next attempt. 4 Intel updates (Management Engine Component, Audio driver, forget another one), 2 are optional and 2 and recommended failed. Since the updates can't be proceeded further, the IE is still ver 8. I am thinking the the failure of SP1 once may be the source of the problem. Can I uninstall it thro the Program and Features? Will this hurt? Thanks for the advises.

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    You should have installed SP1 BEFORE you ran Windows update. You can download it ahead of time and do a local install instead of downloading it from Windows Update.

    You should also install IE11 BEFORE running Windows Update. The patches for IE8 are different from IE11, so you'd have to redownload them anyway. Moreover, MS dropped patch support for all IE versions lower than 11.

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    Install Win 7
    Install SP 1 [Burn download to cd/dvd against this and future need]
    Install drivers, I have mine on a cd ahead of time
    Install AV
    Now install IE 11 I have the installer on driver cd too.
    Now hit windows update.
    This will save you hours and hours downloading of updates.

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