I've done some foolish things the last couple of days. My goal has been to stabilize my computer and stop its frequent crashes. I thought to reformat..then attempted a non-boot Win 7 Home Pro install. That didn't work. Then I used Acronis True Image to attempt to restore an earlier backup. I canceled the restore; something didn't look right. My disc letters didn't make sense. So today I did a Repair from bootup with the Win 7 disc. Everything turned out fine except that I just noticed that my second storage disc is missing. I have C and D inside the case, SATA. I have two more external USB drives. The computer's running well. I can see the disc in Device Manager. When I go to Disc Management I get the attached graphic. I hope you can see it. Any ideas? The missing disc is a Hitachi and has 255 gigs assigned as Acronis Secure Zone.

Again, Thanks!

Win 7 Home Pro
i5 CPU
8 gigs RAM
Gigabyte MOBOshot-of-disk-mgmt.jpgshot-of-disk-mgmt.jpg