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Thread: Graphics card not working

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    Graphics card not working

    I just purchased a new graphiccs card (ASUS Radeon R7 240). My PC prviously was just using onboard graphics.

    I turned off my PC, unplugged everything, removed the expanion bay, and plugged in my graphics card.

    I then plugged the hdmi cable into the card directly to my monitor, but I get no signal. The card's fan is on, but I get no output to the monitor.

    Any suggestions?

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    What happens when you plug into the onboard video? It's possible that the onboard is still the primary video. You would need change the new ATI card to the primary, after you finish installing the drivers.

    What OS and is it 32 or 64 bit? Make/model of your motherboard?

    This link is for Win7, but Win8 is similar.

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    I'm with Midknyte, your Video Card will have to be set in the BIOS as the Primary Video (check that first).
    Is the Card Seated completely in the PCI-e Slot?
    Are you sure the card is compatible with your Motherboards Slot?

    Has your Monitor Previously worked with the HDMI Connection?
    Some monitors need to be set to use your HDMI.
    Check your manual, also check online for setting your monitor.

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