New PC build geared towards Video Editing/Photoshop...Do I need a GPU also?
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Thread: New PC build geared towards Video Editing/Photoshop...Do I need a GPU also?

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    New PC build geared towards Video Editing/Photoshop...Do I need a GPU also?

    Hello All,
    I built my last PC seven years ago, since then, I have been dabbling with Pinnacle Studio 15 HD Ultimate, and more CS5 Photoshop, using a 1280x1020 Viewsonic, widesceen monitor, and have seen the new intel CPU Generations,and from DDR2, to DDR3 Ram, so needless to say, its a long time overdue, so now that I have the parts for the rebuild, I am not yet convinced I would even need an Nvidia GPU.

    CPU - intel i7 4770 3.4GHz
    MEMORY - Crucial Ballistix 2x 8GB DDR3 (PC3-12800) 1600
    MoBo - MSI B85-G41 PC Mate (LGA 1050)
    PSU - Seasonic 550w S12G Gold
    CPU Heatsink - CoolerMaster Hyper 212EVO
    Boot SSD - Samsung 840EVO 250GB
    O.S. WINDOWS 7 PRO 64

    On my last 7 year old build, I installed a 700W, and it turns out people are telling me that's an overkill, so this around I decided on only a 550w, so as long as I don't do a SLI double Hi-End GPU's, I hope this will he sufficient enough.

    I've heard from others that because the i7 Haswell CPU has the built in HD Graphics, I may not actually need a GPS, but someone mentioned having a card, like the GTX-650 Ti for instance, would be an improvement for watching YouTube and Video editing.

    Given all the new parts for this, Will I be at a loss if I don't get a GPU to supplement this build? I could afford one, but not the more expensive,upper level gaming GPU, or will I see any difference at all? This last build has a Nvidia GeForce 8600GT, because my MSI P-35 did not have integrated graphics, so this time with the intel i7 4770 Haswell, would I need a GPU?

    I guess I could always try it first with Pinnacle, then decide, and install it later, but again, while I'm putting this all in now, it would be easier, and faster.

    Thank you!
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    After reading this

    I would be tempted to forgo the video card.

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    If applicable, check your video editing software "Recommendation" list to see if there will be any improvements using specific video cards.

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