Hi, all. I just went through a crash on my Dell XPS 420 PC with Windows Vista so a techie came and reformatted, installing Windows 7 professional.

So, when he was done..I downloaded and installed my usual programs, including the Comodo firewall, I didn't like all the extra programs Comodo installed and how bloated the new version had become, so I uninstalled it using CCleaner. That said, even though I unchecked it during the install, a Priv Dog alert to install keeps popping up in my toolbar every half hour, and I have to click and check no over and over. Is there anyway to make this stop/remove this alert? Apparently the Comodo install did what it wanted to do despite my unchecking the Priv Dog option and there are obviously still remnants of Comodo left on my computer even though I uninstalled it.

Any help would be so appreciated