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    Multiplying in Open Office - Calculator

    I need to multiply all the numbers in column C times 0.91 (or 91%) to arrive at the correct number for all the numbers in column D. I am able to do that one at a time, but I seem to recall that years ago when I used Microsoft Excel that I could just do a shift and down arrow and do a formula that would hold for the whole spreadsheet. Is there any way to do a similar thing with Open Office Calculator, or am I stuck with having to do each line separately?

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    I think you mean Calc, not calculator. What version of OpenOffice? I have LibreOffice, which is similar.

    So you're making a formula to multiply the C column by .91? For example, in the D1 cell, you could type =C1*.91. Then hover the cursor over the bottom right corner of the D1 cell until it changes to a +. Then just drag down to copy the formula to the lower cells.

    If that's not it, please clarify. A screenshot would help.

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