How do you prevent installs from changing your home page.
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Thread: How do you prevent installs from changing your home page.

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    How do you prevent installs from changing your home page.

    I think I've heard of a way to change the registry to prevent any changes to IE's home page, but my browser of choice is Firefox and those little suckers change things all the time. I d/l a lot of freeware and I'm usually very careful what I let in. I have Total Uninstall 6 product which helps, but still even when you cancel the install they've already changed it, or worse added some dip**** search engine which I also don't want.

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    Usually those bundled annoying programs also change other things besides just the browsers home page so you may want to use a program like Sandboxie to protect your computer if you really like installing lots of freeware... more and more of which is being bundled with crapware or forcing the user to use a download manager which also installs unwanted malware (Cnet downloads for eg)

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