[Inactive] Hijacked by Adware - MyBar/MySearch
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Thread: [Inactive] Hijacked by Adware - MyBar/MySearch

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    [Inactive] Hijacked by Adware - MyBar/MySearch

    My uncle's laptop has been thoroughly hijacked by Adware

    Win7 OS
    Nothing in the Add/Remove does the trick

    The browser Chrome has been made virtually useless with the "MyBar"
    Google Search has been hijacked with "MySearch"
    Internet Explorer itself has been rendered useless/disabled with a blank page

    Uninstalling Chrome seemed to do the job for a while but the problem soon reappeared

    Can you please walk me through the steps for removing this from a laptop

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    I moved you post to this forum.

    Follow all the instructions at
    and post all logs in this thread.

    Might have to use a different computer to download the programs use a usb stick or the like to transfer the programs to the infected computer.

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