Upgrading GPU's in WIN XP? 8500GT-9500GT?
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Thread: Upgrading GPU's in WIN XP? 8500GT-9500GT?

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    Question Upgrading GPU's in WIN XP? 8500GT-9500GT?

    Upgrading GPU's in WIN XP? 8500GT - 9500GT

    I currently have a GeForce Nvidia 8600GT PciE with 512 MB, I’ve had a few years, and I think I paid about $160.00 for it new.

    I just saw that FRY’S Electronics has a Galaxy GeForce Nvidia 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 Video card for $70.00 - $40.00 mail in, would end up costing $30.00.

    I am currently using Windows XP, and have not felt confident to upgrade to Windows 7, then having to upgrade (from what I hear) mostly the whole software and maybe hardware to accommodate this new OS.

    The upside will be that I can then use more DDR System memory than my limited 3.3 GB of Ram, it also depends if I go the 32 BIT or 64 BIT OS, but that’s another story, for another day.

    Would it be a “smart” upgrade, or would it NOT make that much difference in using Photoshop or Pinnacle Studio 14 HD? I’ve never heard of GALAXY before, but GeForce also has EVGA, and BTG 9500GT PciE, but somehow feel that if I get the DDR2 9500GT, I will have to upgrade again if I go with Windows 7, to the newer DDR3, and DDR4 etc., ever changing hardware.

    Whew! Hard to keep up. Ssooooo, I want to throw away any money now if soon I decide to upgrade the Windows 7 then have to but a new GPU, or would it matter?

    Thanks for any input.

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    First of all, do not confuse the DDR number on video cards with your RAM. They are two different things. And you wouldn't have to upgrade your video card if decided to go with Windows 7. Also, that memory on the video card cannot be upgraded anyway. But neither can you upgrade your memory type (RAM) unless you change motherboard that will accept DDR2, or DDR3. Furthermore, I ran my Windows 7 64bit system on my onboard 6150 at 256mb video ram.

    But you really don't have to upgrade software unless it was from windows 98 time and won't install. I have two programs from that era and they play fine on my Windows 7 64bit.

    Why not tell us what your computer is and we can help further.

    I don't think other than memory size, you would see that much difference in performance between what you have now and the 9500GT.

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    I completely agree, in my opinion you won't notice much difference between the two graphics cards, and I don't think it would be a worthwhile upgrade.

    FWIW, Mrs SS's computer, which I built in 2007, has a 7800GT card in it, and that runs Win7 Pro perfectly happily.

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    Fact is,
    I have seen win 7 32bit, run good on GF2 video card. No gaming was done and it work fine for the party.

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