losing display, keyboard and mouse
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    losing display, keyboard and mouse

    OS: Win 7 SP1

    Issue: Occasionally after a power outtage, I would have difficulty getting my display (20" Viewsonic LCD) to work. It would get power (orange light on), but no signal. I would have to completely unplug the monitor and the power supply to the computer and then plug it back in and reboot to get it to work.

    Today while running PS3 Media Server and streaming video to my PS3, the monitor, keyboard and mouse stopped working. I didnt check my other USB devices to see if they were working. My usual workaround did not work, so I unplugged everything (I have a lot of USB devices - card reader, hard drive, mouse, keyboard, headset/mic). With just the monitor plugged in, I booted the system and the display worked. I plugged in the mouse and keyboard in the normal ports and they flashed with power, and then stopped working. I shut everything down again and plugged the mouse and keyboard into previously unused USB ports and booted no problem, and it is still working.

    I have not yet tried plugging everything back into the system and booting it, as I feel this might be a power supply issue. I have an Antec Earthwatts 650 power supply that I bought in 2009. Although it really feels like a power supply issue, I dont have a spare lying around to test it with, and the fact that different USB ports seemed to make the mouse and keyboard work, makes me worry that this might be a motherboard issue...

    Thanks in advance for your help. Please let me know what other information is needed.

    edit - my motherboard is a ASUS P7P55D, incase you need that info also.
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